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Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Stations

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Vantage Pro2 Quality, Plus UV Index, Solar Radiation
and Evapotranspiration

With Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Stations you get forecasting, on-screen graphing and much more on these large, 3-1/2"H x 6"W backlit LCDs for a wide range of options and easy viewing.

Mount on your desk, shelf or wall. Features include graph icon, compass rose with 16 compass points that show current and dominant wind direction, inside compass rose to view wind direction to 1° resolution or wind speed, more than 35 alarms for simultaneous multiple functions, graph last 24 hr., days, months of readings or highs and lows and much more! You can view more than 80 graphs with analysis of temperature, rain, rain rate, wind and barometric pressure. View monthly or yearly rainfall, rain rate, evapotranspiration or intensity of solar radiation. View daily rain or rain for this storm—umbrella icon appears when it’s currently raining. Measure in English or metric units. WeatherLink for Vantage is the ultimate in weather data collection, analysis and display. This Datalogger and Software let you connect the Vantage Pro to your computer to quickly see current conditions on the instant weather bulletin. Track information from multiple weather stations on the same computer using one WeatherLink for each weather station. Depending on the storage interval, you can store up to six months of data. With the nonvolatile memory, you won’t lose your data in the logger even if power is lost.


Technical Specifications:

Pro Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus includes the console/receiver, the integrated sensor suite with transmitter, a solar panel, the 40'L anemometer cable and mounting hardware.

Typical range of 200' to 400' wireless line of sight

Console is powered by the AC power adapter (included)or by three C batteries (sold separately)

Cabled Vantage Pro2 Plus includes a console with AC power adapter, an integrated sensor suite with a 40'L anemometer cable and mounting hardware

It also includes a 100'L cable that connects the console to the integrated sensor suite

Mounting Tripod sold separately


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