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Keson Metric Fiberglass Measuring Tapes

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Single-Sided Metric Measuring Tapes

These KesonMetric Series Fiberglass Measuring Tapes are printed on one side in graduations of m, cm and mm. Tapes resist changes in accuracy from tension and extreme temperatures. They barely stretch under tension and return to original accuracy after release.


Fiberglass Measuring Tapes stand up to sun exposure. Tapes are safe when used around electrical hazards. Heavy-duty end hook folds down when tape is not in use. Fiberglass Tapes are housed in Metric Series Open-Reel Cases made from tough molded plastic with a metal-reinforced crank handle.



Tecnical Specifications:
  • Material: fiberglass
  • Printed: M, CM, MM
  • Length: 100, 50 o 30 mts


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