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TOPCON TESLA: GPS, cross-over controller

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Large screen, yet still handheld comfortable
The Topcon Tesla is the ideal cross-over device for field data collection.  The screen is much larger than a palm sized field controller, but the overall size of the device is much better than a tablet PC. The ergonomic balance between screen size and handheld size is perfect. The screen of the Topcon Tesla can be configured to display vertically or horizontally.
Simply touch the rotation button and the screen will rotate. This makes it possible to use in both handheld vertical and on the pole horizontal orientation.



Durable and Reliable
The rugged design of the Topcon Tesla is unmatched in such a large screen format. The device is submersible waterproof, and drop proof. The frame of the Topcon Tesla is magnesium alloy, which is both lightweight and strong. Your data will be protected and the reliability of the device in the most challenging environments is unmatched. Dual batteries that are hotswappable
and produce up to a 16 hour run-time are accessed with a simple turn of a coin on the back of the device. Protected and secure, the SD card and SIM card slots are located under the battery and inside the battery door.
The topcon teslta can be configured with internal bluetooth, WiFi, Camera, GPS, and cellular functionality. There are even additional options such as built-in bar code reader and integrated precision GNSS receiver for network RTK capability. This long list of functionaility makes the Topcon Tesla a perfect pairing with a robotic system, total station, or RTK rover. The Topcon Tesla even has an optional docking station that can be configured for in-cab vehicle operation for a site manager

trabajos de 2-5m de precisión o se puede utilizar con una antena externa y poste para aplicaciones de sub-metro, sub-decímetro, centímetro RTK y GIS de alta precisión.


Technical Specifications:
  • Large 5.7” VGA color touchscreen
  • Hybrid Positioning capable
  • IP67 environmental rating
  • 3.5G cellular module (optional)
  • Windows Mobile® 6.5.3 Professional operating system
  • Internal GPS with 2-5m accuracy (optional)


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