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Wood moisture meter Delmhorst

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J-Series Meters Offer Superior Accuracy and Reliability

Each DelmhorstJ-Series Moisture Meter can be used with the integral electrode pins or with any Delmhorst electrode. Case with built-in handle puts controls at your fingertips, making one-hand operation fast and easy.


Each unit has a maximum measuring depth of 5/16" and includes a durable carrying case, instructions, extra sensor pins and a 9V battery. All are made in the USA.


Technical Specifications:

J-Lite Moisture Meter (No. 222052) provides accurate readings at an economical price. It detects moisture content in a range of 6–30% from one of 12 bright LEDs that are easy to read—even in direct sunlight. Includes a reference table for quick species corrections. 3-year warranty.
J-4 Analog Moisture Meter (No. 152449) detects moisture content in a range of
6 to 30% on an analog readout.
J-2000 Digital Moisture Meter (No. 222053) is designed for those who need to know the exact moisture content. Micro-controller circuit automatically corrects for individual species and temperature, with on command averaging of up to 100 accumulated readings. Moisture content readings are read over range of 6 to 40% with 0.1% resolution.
J-Series Carrying Case (No. 222055) sold separately.


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