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- Pluviometro Tru-Check



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 -Pluviometro Tenite 




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Clinometers Provide Quick and Easy Measuring

The Self-Damping Suunto Clinometers have been used all over the world by surveyors, engineers,cartographers, geologists, miners, architects and others who need to be able to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly and easily.


An extensive selection of easy-reading scales is available so you can match them to the job you’re doing—choose from degrees, percent, topographic, metric and secant. They’re less expensive than lasers and the scales have graduations of 1° or 1%, 1' or 1/4m.
Sturdy, aluminum housing resists corrosion and protects against impact. Damping liquid eliminates scale vibration and ensure smooth, accurate and quick readings. Parallax-free (free of displacement and changes) lens magnifies scale card graduations, enabling user to estimate readings to 1/6°. Jewelled bearing assembly ensures long-lasting, accurate operation.


Technical Specifications:

Accuracy: Direct reading to 1° or 1%; estimates to 10 min. or 1/5 of 1%.
Measure 2-3/4"H x 2"W x 5/8"D. Table of cosines printed on back of instrument.
Complete with neck cord, Skylon case and illustrated instructions.


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