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Suunto MC-2 Mirrored Compass

   [Download PDF]


f4This Compass is designed for professional users who rely on the most precise measurements possible. Ideal for climbers and search-and-rescue personnel. Features a large, V-notch sighting mirror that gives you a wide field of vision so you can establish bearings based on landmarks.


Also include a clinometer to measure slope and vertical angle, an adjustable declination screw that moves the orienteering arrow inside the needle housing, a magnifying lens for easier map navigation and an anti-slip baseplate that keeps it on a map during plotting. Luminous two-color bezel ring is easier to see and use.



Especifícaciones Técnicas:

No. 213378 has an inch scale and is balanced for the northern hemisphere. Map scales are 1:24,000 or 1:62,500.

No. 213379 has a centimeter scale and is balanced for the northern hemisphere. Map scales are 1:25,000 or 1:50,000.

No. 213380 has a needle for correct readings at tilts up to 20°, compensating for the magnetic pull in any zone on Earth and both inch and centimeter scales.

Map scales are 1:25,000 or 1:50,000.

All three Compasses come with a 360° Azimuth ring. Size for all three: 2.5"W x 3.9"L.


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